Date: Friday, February 4
Topic: Triangle Mesh Generation

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Speakers: Menelaos Karavelas and Li-Yi Wei
Date: Friday, February 11
Topic: Mesh Simplification

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Speakers: Jie Gao, An Nguyen, and Nathan Wilson
Date: Friday, February 18
Topic: Mesh Compression

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Speakers: Peter Chou and Sam Liang
Date: Friday, February 25
Topic: Subdivision Surfaces
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Speakers: Adam Altman and Cynthia Bruyns
Date: Wednesday, March 1
Topic: Rigid-Body Dynamics
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Speakers: Walter Luh and Adam Phelps
Date: Friday, March 3
Topic: Collision Detection

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Speakers: Richard Bragg, Robert Cheng, and Menelaos Levas
Date: Wednesday, March 8
Topic: Flexible Object Modeling, I

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Speakers: Rachel Kolodny and Daniel Russell
Date: Friday, March 10
Topic: Flexible Object Modeling, II

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Speakers: Devavrat Shah, Stephen Sorkin, and Feng Xie

Last update: Thursday, March 9, 2000