AXA Team 2D Pro Instructions
AXA pro animation pencil testing, coloring, and compositing software.

Part I: Pencil Testing

  •     Note: XSheet = "Exposure Sheet". This is where you will keep track of and edit your scanned drawings.

  • Create a new scene to work with: FILE -> NEW

  •     Create a new scene off of e:\axa\cs448b\"your folder". A blank XSheet will open.

        Beware: When initially opened, AXA may load another student's work.
        Always create a new scene or open an old scene of yours to avoid editing someone else's work.

  • Click of Layer 1, Frame 1 if this is the layer/frame to where you wish to add scanned images.
  • In the upper right-hand corner of the XSheet, there is a toolbar with several items. Click SCANIT.

  • Change the HOLD COUNT to affect your frame rate.

  •     For example, Hold Count=2 will cause each drawing to be used for 2 frames (i.e. animating on "twos").
        "Type" should usually be set to Ink.

  • Click on "Options" to double-check your settings.

  •     The settings should match those shown below, although you may need to change the custom "Rotate Amount" option.
        If your paper is punched across the bottom, use 270 degrees. Punched at the top of the sheet? -> Use 90 degrees.
        Hit "OK".

  • Click on "Source" to reach the scanning menu.

  •     Adjust Paper Size: B4 = the large animation bond paper handed out on tuesday.
        Place a single sheet in the scanner: face down, pegbars towards the wall.
        Hit Preview. The image will appear to the left of the Resolution, etc. controls
        Adjust Resolution, Brightness, Contrast and re-Preview until you're happy.
        Load all sheets into the scanner tray, first frame on the bottom.
        Hit Scan. Batch scan should commence.
        When finished, hit "Cancel" and then close ScanIt. Your scanned frames should now be visible in the XSheet!

  • Preview your animation.

  •     Select your layer and click Pencil Test. (5th button from the top.)
        Hit "Composite" and then "Play."