AXA Team 2D Pro Instructions
AXA pro animation pencil testing, coloring, and compositing software.

Part 2: Editing and Saving Your Work

After you finish scanning and have previewed your work using Pencil Test, you can edit your frames.
  • Adding frames: Go to the far left of the XSheet and click on a frame number listed down the left side of the window.

  •     This will highlight an entire row.
        Select "Insert Frame" from the File menu to insert a frame.
        (This can be used to change from "twos" to "threes", for example.)

  • Deleting a drawing: Click on the drawing you wish to delete and choose "Cut Frame" from the Edit Menu.

  • Copying a frame: Choose "Copy Frame" from the Edit Menu or press Ctrl-C.

  • Pasting a frame: Choose "Paste Frame" from the Edit Menu . . .

  • After you are finished editing, Pencil Test to see if you are satisfied with what you have. If so, composite the final animation.
  • Select the layers you want to composite by dragging over the appropriate layer tabs, and then click on compositor.

  • Check the settings to make sure the export format is .AVI.
  • Click on Composite.

  • Click on Play to see the output.

  • Now, save your work.
  • Save your scene and go to the Desktop.

  • Your animation should now already by saved as an .AVI in the directory that the scene is in.

  • On the desktop, click on My Computer -> E: Drive -> AXA -> CS448B.

  •     Go to your own personal folder and click on the directory that holds your scene.
        In that directory, there should be another directory with the name AVI.
        Open that folder and find your just-saved .AVI file.

  • If you wish to show your .AVI in class on Oct 9th, for example, save a Copy of your file in

  •     My Computer -> E: Drive -> AXA -> CS448B -> Class Work -> Tue, Oct 9th.
        Only files in THIS FOLDER are a lock for class screenings.

  • Save your final revisions (i.e. for grading) to the appropriate project folder.
  •     For example, My Computer -> E: -> AXA -> CS448B -> Final Projects -> Project #1