CS448B Axa 2001 Temporary Codec Hack
Compress those AVIs correctly!

Long-Winded Blurb
When you use the Pencil Test tool to create your AVI, make sure that you have modified the codec settings appropriately. A codec prescribes an algorithm for compressing individual image files into a movie. Different codecs create different quality AVIs; moreover, if you don't change your settings, your movie will be created at 30 FPS instead of 24 FPS! Not good. I preset the codec for you guys in our old AXA; however, the new version "unsets itself" every time you open the Pencil-Test module. SO, until AXA tech-support comes through for us, you should make sure your settings are correct every time you use Pencil-Test. (The settings shown below seem to work nicely.)

Short-Winded Blurb
In order to get the settings to "take", you need to open the Pencil-Test Options twice. The first time you open it, set the FPS to 24; then close the Options menu, open it again, and choose your Codec. Do it in this order, and Pencil-Test will remember your codec settings . . . at least until you close Pencil-Test, at which point you'll have to do it all over again. Whee!

You also have to manually copy out your "Pencil.avi" file from your scene's AVI directory. The "AVI window/Save as . . " command ain't working . . .

If you don't fix the settings, you can still do rough pencil-tests . . . they'll probably play at 30 FPS, tho, and they might play back choppily.

If you can get the settings to "stick", please let me know how, and I'll post it here. And remember, if you're not using any other "module", you *might* be able to leave Pencil-Test open while you edit your work, so you don't have to re-fix all the settings.

  • X-Sheet -> Pencil-Test