CS448B How-To Stuff
For when someone figures out something useful . . .

  • Relabeling cells/layers
  • Viewing your drawings while using CameraFx
  • Enabling camera rotations, translations, and zooms
  • Animating a camera rotation, translation, zoom, etc . .

  • Q. How do I relabel layers or individual cells?
    A: Right-click on the layer tab or the cell, and enter whatever name you like when prompted.

    Q. How do I see my drawings when using CameraFx?
    A: When using the CameraFx tool, select "View -> Image".

    Q. How do I unlock all the camera pans (N-S), rotates, and zooms?
    A: From the CameraFx tool, select "Setup -> PegBars." Uncheck the Locks, and enable Peg Scale/Rotate.

    Q. How do I animate a camera translation, rotation, zoom, etc . . . ?
    A: Visit the "Animating the Camera" tutorial off the www.axasoftware.com link that Arnab helpfully provided.
    Be aware that this tutorial is for Axa Team Pro 2001, which is a newer version than what we are using. Some steps/features may not apply.