Lunchbox Instructions v1.0
Grabs a maximum of 512 frames at low-res and 256 frames at high-res.
CCD camera and lights mounted on a copy stand.

      Input A: Direct feed from LunchBox.
      Input B: Feed from VCR.

      Channel L-1: Direct feed from LunchBox. (use when recording to tape.)
      Channel 2: S-Video. Use to make sure the tape recorded successfully.

Pencil Testing:
  • Turn on power strip. Make sure lunchbox, camera, lights, TV, and VCR are on.
  • Remove lens cap. If you don't see live video, press channel up/down on VCR until the input reads L-1.
  • Adjust zoom on camera to the correct field size for the largest possible animation.
  • Adjust focus.
  • Make sure lunchbox display reads 000 for the first frame.
  • Put first cell on peg bars on the copy stand.
  • Shoot frame using the button.
  • Place next cell on stand.
  • To see previous frame, press the button.
  • To toggle quickly between the previous and current frames, press the button.
  • To previes in 24 FPS press (or hold down for 3 secs to loop): button.

  • Recording To Tape:
  • Put a tape in VCR!
  • Put lens cap on camera so black appears on the monitor.
  • Press VCR:Record.
  • Wait 5 secs after the VCR starts recording to have 5 seconds of black before your animation.
  • Press the: button to replay the animation.
  • Record your work five times for easy critiquing.
  • Eject tape.
  • Check to see if lens cap is back on camera.
  • Turn off power strip.