CS448B Premiere FAQ #1
Using Premiere to compress an AVI file . . .

1) Open Premiere; Hit "Cancel" at the "Project Settings" menu it throws at you.

2) Bring your huge/uncompressed AVI into Premiere
File/Open . . .


3) Check your movie properties:
File/Get Properties For . . ./(your opened file)
Make a note of the Frame Size and Frame Rate


4) Export a compressed movie.
File/Export/Movie . . .


5) Choose a directory and filename for your exported movie, and then click on "Settings".

6) Choose your general settings:
File Type = Microsoft AVI should be OK.


7) Choose your video settings:
Set the FPS and Resolution as you recorded it from "Properties."
Set the Quality, etc. as shown below. Microsoft RLE compressor generally works well.
May need to unclick "4:3" aspect ratio lock.


8) Check the "Keyframe & Rendering Options" tab:
Probably won't ever need to change this . . .


9) Hit "OK" to return to the Save Menu, Hit "Save", and wait . . .
If you try to do other stuff on the machine while Premiere is exporting a large file, it may crash.