Geometry Processing Algorithms

cs468 - Spring 2012


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Times & Places
MW 9:30 - 10:45, Clark S361 (behind Peet's)

Recent advances in 3D digital geometry processing have created a plenitude of novel concepts for the mathematical representation and interactive manipulation of geometric models.
This course covers some of the latest developments in geometric representations, modeling and processing.
Topics include: Programming exercises will help translate theoretical concepts to practical applications.
A code framework will be provided that allows to experiment with various algorithms without having to bother about software infrastructure.
There will be 5 modest programming assignments, and no final exam.

Introduction to Computer Graphics, experience with C++ programming.
Some background in geometry or computational geometry is helpful, but not necessary.


OpenMesh: Mesh manipulation: Models:

Course Staff

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Mirela Ben-Chen mirela-at-stanford-dot-edu 725-8818 TBA