CS 478 - Computational photography
(Winter quarter, 2012)

Schedule of lectures and assignments

Lecture slides will be posted after the corresponding class sessions. Starred (*) links are accessible to Stanford IP addresses only. Some assignment links are currently broken, but will be updated appropriately.

Mon, Jan 9 Introduction (Jongmin)
course overview and roadmap, introduction to computational photography, examples
Wed, Jan 11 Photographic Lenses (Dave)
pinhole cameras, lenses and paraxial focusing, lens formulae, focal length versus sensor size, lenses & perspective transforms, apertures and shutters
Mon, Jan 16 MLK Jr. Day Start thinking about term project*.
Wed, Jan 18 Sensors (Jongmin)
designs, noise sources and model, color filter array, dynamic range, angular resolution
Pick up Tegra tablets on Friday.
(Note the date change.)
Mon, Jan 23 Frankencamera (Kari) + HelloCamera (Jongmin)
Progammable computational photography platforms, FCam abstractions, FCam API and tutorials, sneak-peek at the first assignment
Reading #1
Reading #2
"Hello Camera" assignment
Wed, Jan 25

Camera Control Algorithms (Dave)
view cameras, viewfinders, passive vrs active autofocusing, phase vrs contrast detection, metering technology, shooting modes
Mon, Jan 30

Post-Processing Pipeline (Kari)
demosaicking, denoising, sharpening and other filtering, color temperature, gamma curve
"Hello Image Processing" assignment
Wed, Feb 1

Bilateral Filtering (Jongmin)
bilateral filtering and other edge-aware filtering, acceleration schemes, hierarchical filtering, applications
"Hello Camera" assignment due
Mon, Feb 6

Image Composition and Editing I (Kari)
graph cut, gradient-domain methods, poisson solver, color transfer, composition transfer
Wed, Feb 8 Image Composition and Editing II (Dave)
alpha matting, patch match, image collections, content-aware resizing and retargeting
"Hello ImageProcessing" assignment due
Mon, Feb 13 Denoising (Jongmin)
noise model, image priors, wavelet thresholding, self-similarity and non-local means
Sign up for and complete project conference
Wed, Feb 15 Panorama Stitching (Kari)
panorama acquisition, feature point detection, tracking, registration, perspective transforms, warping
Project proposal due
Mon, Feb 20 Presidents' Day
Wed, Feb 22 Project Proposal Presentation (Class)
Mon, Feb 27 Light Fields (Dave)
theory, microlense array, digital refocusing, all-focus algorithms, image-based rendering, autostereoscopic displays, 3D displays
Wed, Feb 29 Computational Optics (Jongmin)
wavefront coding, coded aperture, focal sweep, spectral focus, lattice focal lens, fluttered shutter, moving elements.
Mon, Mar 5

High-Dynamic Range Imaging (Kari)
the dynamic range problem, HDR acquisition, bitdepth, global and local tone mapping operators
Wed, Mar 7

Image Stabilization (Jongmin)
optical stabilization, image alignment, blind and non-blind deconvolution, kernel estimation
Mon, Mar 12 Lighting and Re-Lighting (Dave)
radiometry and photometry, flash-noflash, multiflash, inverse lighting design,
Wed, Mar 14 Stereo and Disparity (Kari)
stereo cameras, epipolar geometry, camera parameters, disparity map, applications
Finals Week Project presentations (Class) Project write-up due

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