Michelangelo's unfinished slave "Atlas"

Size of raw scans:approx 600 million points
Reconstruction:VRIP at 1/4 mm
Size of reconstruction:approx 250 million vertices, 500 million triangles
Version:1 (July 19, 2000)
Status:This statue has had significantly more alignment work done on it than the other slave statues. However, there are still misalignments of several millimeters, especially at the top of the statue.
Available as:

  • 12 PLY files (atlas_qtrmm_{1,2,3...,12}.ply.gz, total 4.8 GB)
  • QS file (atlas_qtrmm.qs.gz 626 MB)

    The polygon meshes contained in the PLY files of adjacent sections of the model (for example atlas_qtrmm_1.ply.gz and atlas_qtrmm_2.ply.gz) overlap by one row of vertices. Although the coordinates of these vertices should be identical, due to unresolved numerical problems they are not. To resolve potential ambiguities, we have created a set of files that explicitly enumerate which vertices in one file correspond to which vertices in the other file. There are 11 files named atlas_qtrmm_m_n.matches, where m and n are the numbers of the appropriate slices. The files are simple ASCII, listing pairs of indices of corresponding vertices in the two .ply files.