Liszt: A DSL for solving mesh-based PDEs

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Liszt Language

Liszt presents a high level language interface to construct mesh-based solvers without the hassle of writing such codes by hand in low-level languages, but avoids the performance losses of most high level languages by performing domain specific transformations on your code. Liszt code is portable across MPI-based clusters, SMPs and GPUs, providing a performant framework to write your code once and run it anywhere.

Liszt Documentation and Talks

On the left you'll find our Supercomputing paper, language spec and getting started guide.

Presented at LANL, here is the Liszt Implementation talk slides and the Liszt Design talk slides.

Get Liszt

Liszt is distributed as a source package. Instructions for building and running liszt can be found in the README.txt file.
Platform Dependencies Liszt Download
Development Source Liszt source
Mac OS X 10.5+
Linux 64-bit


We supply some sample meshes: