Adding Papers to the Lab Papers Database

Created May 10, 2000 by Johanson

This info taken from README.TXT and papers.txt in /usr/graphics/www/private/papers


Go to /usr/graphics/www/private/papers.

Edit papers.txt according to the info at the top of the file (also pasted below in this web page).


./ papers.txt

to regenerate the HTML for the graphics lab papers.

Don't edit the .html files by hand, your changes will be lost the next
time someone updates the paper database.

-Matthew Eldridge
Jan 28, 2000

Info on "papers.txt" Format

 papers.txt: this file defines a simple database of papers

 the command './ papers.txt' will generate
 author.html - list of papers by each author
 recent.html - list of recent papers
 theses.html - list of theses by author
 title.html - list of papers by title
 year.html - list of papers by date
 submitted.html - list of submitted papers
 unpublished.html - list of unpublished papers

 valid entries in this file are "paper", "author", "where"

 each entry consists of multiple key value pairs, surround by braces

 paper {
 title = <title>
 url = <url of page for paper>
 author = <author>
 where = <name of where node>
 status = <published|submitted|unpublished> (optional line)

 if there are multiple authors, they can be enumerated with "author1 = ",
 "author2 = ", etc.

 * the where field should end in "PhD" in it, if that is appropriate

 author {
 name = <name as listed in paper entries>
 print = <name as formatted in html (defaults to name)>
 url = <url of home page>

 where {
 name = <as referenced by paper entries>
 year = <year>
 print = <as referring to conference/journal>
 cite = <name of proceedings>


 the recent paper list groups papers by conference, and will list the conference by the name specified in the where {} entry

 see the rest of the file for examples. generates all sorts of complaints about things, which should all be self-explanatory.

 Matthew Eldridge,
 8-Feb-1999 - initial version
 28-Jan-2000 - add in separate unpublished category