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Matlab is software developed by Mathworks.

License Management

Beginning in 2001, Mathworks requires the use of license servers to run Matlab. Our license server for Matlab runs on graphics.stanford.edu.

Matlab releases are denoted by the release year with two releases, a and b, per year (e.g. R2012a, R2012b, R2013a, ...)

In 2008, MathWorks switched to an activation-based installation system. Since we use a central network license server, this does not particularly affect us - primarily, before one needed the personal license password (PLP) for installation. Now one needs the File Installation Key (FIK).

Since we are using a Network license, you will need access to the internet.

IT Services Software Licensing

Our Matlab software is licensed by the IT Services Software Licensing Group. You can contact them by filing a HelpSU ticket, or directly at software@stanford.edu. Their campus address is:

Polya Hall, Room 163
255 Panama Street
Mail Code 4155

Local Install for Graphics Lab

Before You Start

You must be a member of the Stanford graphics group to be able to use MATLAB.

If you are eligible, you must have your user account added to the graphics AFS group. If you have not done so already, please send a support ticket through support.cs.stanford.edu to get added to the graphics AFS group.

If you are not sure whether your account was already added to the graphics AFS group, please proceed to installations. If you see any permission issues, you will need to get your user account added to the graphics AFS group.

Your system should be 64-bit Windows, OS X, or Linux (only major distributions). Please refer to the Mathworks website for more details, but the general rule is that support for older OS is dropped, so it is recommended that you use fairly recent versions of the OS you are using.

Also, the entire installation process will require internet access.


Local Matlab primary support by Ohad Fried / ohad@stanford.edu (Secondary support by Dae Hyun Kim / dhkim16@stanford.edu)

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