Texture Synthesis from Multiple Sources

Li-Yi Wei

In SIGGRAPH 2003 Sketch and Applications


Recent advances in texture synthesis have made it possible to synthesize textures based on examples. However, most of these algorithms can take only a single texture as the input and output a similar homogeneous texture. This is insufficient for textures that have progressively variant patterns or combined visual characteristics from several different sources.

We present a new algorithm for synthesizing textures from multiple sources. We demonstrate two specializations of our algorithm that are particularly useful: generating texture mixtures from different inputs and synthesizing solid textures from multiple 2D views.

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Historical Notes

This sketch presents my "old" work in Chapter 7 of my thesis. I never formally published it since at that time (circa 2001) I was busy with my graduation/wedding/job-hunting and I didn't think the results are good enough to warrant any siginificant publication (nor did my advisor). However, later on I read and reviewed quite a few papers by others on similar topics, so I think it is probably worthwhile to make my little discovery a bit more well-known so that at least people won't duplicate my efforts.

It is also interesting to compare my work with the SIGGRAPH 2003 paper Synthesis of Progressively Variant Textures on Arbitrary Surfaces by people at Microsoft Research Asia.