Image Replacement through Texture Synthesis

Homan Igehy and Lucas Pereira, Stanford University

Appears in the Proceedings of the 1997 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing


Photographs and images often have regions which are in some sense flawed. Often, there may be a stain or an undesired feature covering a significant portion of the image, and an algorithm that can "fix" the image is desired. We propose a technique based on Heeger and Bergen's texture synthesis algorithm. By integrating a composition step into the aforementioned algorithm, one portion of the image can be substituted with a synthetic texture derived from another portion of the image. The goal of this synthetic texture is to create a plausible patch without visible seams or repetitive features. We compare this technique, which works on areas that are "stochastic" in nature, with other variations of image replacement which utilize a combination of image composition and texture synthesis.

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