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DTI-Query 1.1           CINCH 1.0 BETA

Downloading and building the source code

  1. Download dtiquery-1.1.tar.gz (186K archive)
  2. Uncompress the files.

    The directory structure will be as follows:

    CINCH/ (coming soon!)
  3. Install and build  wxWidgets 2.8 or later.

    On Windows:
    wxpath/configure --with-msw --disable-shared --enable-sockets --with-opengl --disable-precomp-headers --prefix wxlibspath

    On a Mac:
    wxpath/configure --with-mac --with-opengl --disable-shared --prefix wxlibspath

    On Linux systems,
    wxpath/configure --with-gtk --with-opengl --disable-shared --prefix wxlibspath


    Note: DTI-Query has not been tested with other versions of wxWidgets, but may work.

  4. Install and build VTK 5.x. DTI-Query and CINCH will not build with earlier (pre-5.0) versions of VTK.

  5. Install and build RAPID 2.01, a collision detection library available for non-commercial use from the University of North Carolina. (You will need to write them to obtain permission.) For simplicity, you may want to install the library in the dtiquery-1.1/RAPID201 directory.

  6. Install the zlib compression library (necessary for data I/O with the nifti format). Note: many systems already have zlib libraries and headers installed, in which case this step is not necessary.

  7. Edit dtiquery-1.1/Makefile.definitions to specify the paths of libraries and header files on your system.

  8. Type 'make' from the top-level (dtiquery-1.1/) directory.

Questions? Problems? E-mail us.