GPUBench Test: Download

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Download measures the rate at which texture data can be sent to the video card by timing a series of calls to glTexSubImage2D.
Common Functionality
The --min and --max options set the range of texture sizes to be tested. 1 to 4-component textures are permitted as specified by the --components option.
Example Usage

Commandline Usage

Usage: gpubench\bin\download.exe <options>
  -m, --min=SIZE
             min quad size to test (default: 512)
  -x, --max=SIZE
             max quad size to test (512)
  -c, --components=SIZE
            number of components for texture and
            render target. (4)
  -n, --nocomments
            No comments, just the facts.

GPUBench was developed at the Stanford University Graphics Lab.