GPUBench Test: Readback

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Readback measures the rate at which data can be read back to CPU host memory as obtained from glReadPixels using both fixed and floating point 4-component buffer formats. Both RGBA and ABGR layouts are tested. The argument --size specifies the dimensions of the buffer to read back from. Additional options allow the user to specific various fixed and floating point formats. The entire buffer is read back into host memory.

Commandline Usage

Usage: c:\src\gpubench\bin\readback.exe <options>
  -r, --rgba
       perform RGBA test
  -b, --bgra
       perform BGRA test
  -a, --abgr
       perform ABGR test
  -f, --float
       perform float test
  -x, --fixed
       perform fixed test
  -s, --size 512
       Size of readback
  -o, --order bra
       Execute in the following order
  -l, --loopcount 1
       The number of iterations to run the testUsage: c:\src\gpubench\bin\readback.exe 
    size: width and height of region to fetch

GPUBench was developed at the Stanford University Graphics Lab.