Brano Kusy

Postdoctoral Scholar
Clarks Center S255
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

branislav.ku sy@gm ai

I moved to CSIRO in Brisbane, Australia in 2009. See my updated website.

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Research Interests

My research interests include network protocols, system architecture design, and information processing in wireless sensor networks. Close integration of miniature computers in the physical world will enable new exciting era of interaction of humans and computers in everyday tasks.

My main contributions are system services that coordinatate sensors in time and space (disertation), network protocols that support mobile users and information brokerage algorithms that find relevant sensor data (postdoctoral). These algorithms have been used in numerous sensornet applications, some of which I helped developing, namely a shooter location system, a dirty bomb tracking system, and a multi-tier camera sensor network system providing close to real-time multimedia data. Make sure to check projects and publications for more details.

I am a strong proponent of research that has both theoretical depth and is evaluated in practical deployments. I believe that the most useful abstractions of system services, tools, and techniques emerge through building real-world systems that are deployed and validated in heterogenous environments. I positively value open, publicly available research.

09 Apr12: TTX'09 (my appologies, not happening)
09 Apr13-17: IPSN'09 in San Francisco
09 Oct5: CSIRO, Brisbane
Biographical I earned Magister degree in Computer Science at Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. My major areas were mathematical methods in computer science and computer graphics. My Master's thesis research was on topological graph theory supervised by Prof. Skoviera.

I earned my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University in August 2007. I co-developed a number of large scale WSN systems and focused on algorithms to coordinate wireless sensors in time and space. I worked with Prof. Sztipanovits, Dr.Ledeczi, and Dr. Maroti at the Insitute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS).

I worked with Prof. Leo Guibas as a postdoc in the Computer Science department at Stanford University between 2007 and 2009. My research focused on low-latency delivery of sensor data to mobile users, discovery and utilization of mobility patterns in urban environments, and information discovery and brokerage in WSNs, with a specific focus on camera sensor networks.

I moved to ICT Centre in Brisbane, Australia to work for CSIRO, Australia as a senior research scientist in October 2009.

Branislav Kusy
Geometric Computing Group
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305
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