QuickCut: An Interactive Tool for Editing Narrated Video

✻ Adobe Research, ✧ Stanford University

Abstract: We present QuickCut, an interactive video editing tool designed to help authors efficiently edit narrated video. QuickCut takes an audio recording of the narration voiceover and a collection of raw video footage as input. Users then review the raw footage and provide spoken annotations describing the relevant actions and objects in the scene. QuickCut time-aligns a transcript of the annotations with the raw footage and a transcript of the narration to the voiceover. These aligned transcripts enable authors to quickly match story events in the narration with semantically relevant video segments and form alignment constraints between them. Given a set of such constraints, QuickCut applies dynamic programming optimization to choose frame-level cut points between the video segments while maintaining alignments with the narration and adhering to low-level film editing guidelines. We demonstrate QuickCut's effectiveness by using it to generate a variety of short (less than 2 minutes) narrated videos. Each result required between 14 and 52 minutes of user time to edit (i.e. between 8 and 31 minutes for each minute of output video), which is far less than typical authoring times with existing video editing workflows.