Shading-System Download and Instructions

Please note that this system is a research system currently under development, and as such is likely to contain bugs and other annoyances. Use at your own risk!

It is likely that we will eventually publically release the source code to our shading system, but we are not yet prepared to do so.


A single zip or gzip'd tar file contains executable versions of our shading system for Win32 (Win2K or Win98) and Linux. If unpacking under Win32, grab the .zip file.

Download: (10.6 MB)
rtsl-2002.10.01.tar.gz (10.7 MB)

Version History:

2002.10.01 Added support for NV30 compilation.
2001.05.25 Bug fixes, especially to 'nv' fragment backend.
2001.05.02 Changes to 'nv' fragment backend: (a) Added partial texture-shader support. (b) Signed interpolants now work automatically. (c) Bug fixes.
2001.03.22 Added register-combiner fragment backend. [Win32-only release]
2000.11.07 Minor language changes, updated language documentation.
2000.10.23 Added a scene viewer plus undocumented support for bumpmaps, cubemaps, 3d textures, and three-component vectors.
2000.07.06 Minor changes.
2000.06.29 Added support for direct generation of x86 object code.
2000.03.29 An early release of our system.

System Requirements

Our shading system requires:

Tar-File Summary

The tar file contains:

Tar-File Directory Structure

Various notes

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