Turning to the Masters:
Motion Capturing Cartoons

Chris Bregler, Lorie Loeb, Erika Chuang, Hrishi Deshpande
Stanford Graphics Laboratory


Motion Capture is a process for capturing motion from live models. In this paper, we describe a new process, called Cartoon Capture. Cartoon capture tracks the motion of a traditionally animated cartoon and retargets it into other characters and other media. The motion in cartoons is highly expressive—especially those created by master animators—because they use traditional animation principles and cartoon physics. We believe that by using traditional animation as the source of the motion capture, the resulting animations are more compelling and expressive than those of regular motion capture.

Our technical process follows two phases: cartoon capture and retargeting. Cartoon capture transforms a digitized cartoon into a motion capture representation. Using key-shape based deformation spaces, cartoon capture automatically tracks non-rigid shape changes in cartoon layers. Cartoon retargeting transforms this information. The captured motion can be retargeted onto drawings, 3-D models, digital photographs or live-action video. The result is an animation or video sequence with a new look but with the movement of the original cartoon.




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