QSplat The QSplat Multiresolution Point Rendering System
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System Requirements

QSplat is known to work well with the following configurations:

QSplat will run on slower computers, but may only achieve acceptable quality when set to smaller window sizes and/or lower frame rates. For systems without hardware-accelerated OpenGL, you may use either a software OpenGL implementation or QSplat's internal software-only rasterizer.

The released binaries have the following requirements:

The following are needed to recompile QSplat from source:

For further details, including instructions on how to run QSplat and QSplatMake, please see the README.

Download Binaries

Download Source


A few models in .qs format are available here.

Mailing list

A mailing list has been set up for announcements concerning QSplat. To subscribe, send mail to
subscribe graphics-qsplat-announce
in the message body.


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