WireGL is an active research project at the Stanford University Computer Graphics Lab to explore cluster rendering systems. The software package available on this web site allows graphics applications to render to a cluster of workstations outputting to a tiled display.

Notice: Further development of WireGL has been rolled into the Chromium Project. Please visit the Chromium web site for more information.


Version 1.2.1 Now Available
New features include:

This work is done under the Multi-Graphics research project at Stanford Computer Graphics Lab. This research is funded by the Department of Energy.

The Research page contains a list of the people who are involved in the WireGL project and the papers published.

The Download page provides links to the binary and source to the WireGL project.

The Contact page lists email addresses for getting in touch with the WireGL team.

The Documentation page lists directions on how to the WireGL system works, how to install the software, compile the source, and troubleshooting.