Setting up the WireGL make system

These are instructions for building WireGL from source.

Directory Structure

  bin/              (may be created by the make system)
  built/            (may be created by the make system)
  config/           Contains platform-specific build info         The main make system
  scripts/          Scripts used during the build
    appstub/        Parallel API library
    glcontext/      State tracking
    include/        Header files
    opengl_stub/    Client side OpenGL DLL
    pipe_server/    Rendering Server
    util/           Common utility functions/algorithms
        wgl/        Client library loader
        march/      Example of Parallel API application	

Support Software

Environment variables

The following environment variables must be set to build WireGL from the command line. If building from Visual Studio 6, none of these are required:

WORK_ROOT Set to the full path of the "work" directory in the above structure.
Note: use forward slashes ("/") as directory separator in Windows, i.e. "c:/work" not "c:\work"
MAKE_MODE WINDOWS ONLY -- set to "unix"


To build WireGL from the command line, go to the "wiregl" directory, and run GNU make (by typing "make" or "gmake").

A Visual Studio 6 workspace file (wiregl.dsw) is also provided for compiling under Windows. Load the workspace file and select "Batch Build" from the Build menu. Select either the Debug or Release versions and press build.

Myrinet Support

Myrinet GM support is disabled by default. To enable GM, uncomment the GM_SUPPORT line in the Makefile located in the util directory for building using the make system. To enable GM in the Visual Studio project file, select the GM configuration under Build,Batch Build menu option. Myrinet drivers are available at