Contact Information

Office: Gates Computer Science Bulding, Room 376
E-Mail: broxton [at] stanford [dot] edu
Download: [CV], [Publications]

Research @ Stanford

I'm a fourth year PhD student in Marc Levoy's group in the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory. I am working in collaboration with students from the Deisseroth Lab at Stanford to improve our group's Light Field Microscope technology so that we can study the functional connections between neurons in the brain of a larval Zebrafish. Current topics of interest to me include optics (especially as applied in microscopy), Bayesian statistics & machine learning, computational imaging (for both artistic and scientific purposes), and automated 3D reconstruction techniques.

Previous Research @ NASA Ames Research Center

I used to lead the NASA Ames Planetary Mapping and Modeling Team. We build sophisticated image processing and computer vision software that processes satellite data to build maps of the Moon and Mars. We also participate in partnerships between NASA and commercial companies to make NASA’s planetary data more universally & easily accessible to the broader scientific community and to the public. Here are a few of our projects:

  • In 2009 we worked with Google Inc. to prepare the data that you find in the 3D Mars and Moon modes for Google Earth 5.0, plus satellite imagery and maps of Earth as part of the NASA “Featured Content” layer.
  • We are preparing a comprehensive map and digital elevation model of the Moon using Apollo Metric Camera as part of NASA’s Lunar Mapping and Modeling Program (LMMP)
  • Nearly all of our software has been released under the NASA Open Source License. You can download the Vision Workbench, our C++ image processing library; or the Stereo Pipeline, our fully automated stereo-grammetric reconstruction software.
  • The Vision Workbench helps to power the Gigapan panorama stitching software.


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Talks & Presentations

The Geospatial Data Revolution: Making Processed Lunar Data Universally and Easily Accessible. Invited presentation given at the International Space University. 2009.

Automated Stereo Reconstruction of Apollo 15 Metric Camera Image Pairs. Pre- sented at the NASA Lunar Science Forum. 2009.

The NASA Vision Workbench: Reflections on Image Processing in C++. Presented at Willow Garage. 2009.

Digital Techniques for Imaging & the Development of Lunar DEMs. Invited presen- tation given at the Go for Lunar Landing conference in Tempe, AZ. 2008.

Things I Do for Fun

  • Interactive Art - I have developed an interactive art piece called PhosphorEssence [ pictures, video, code ] that allows users to explore a many-dimensional, abstract mathematical space based on GPU-simulated video feedback using a pair of video gaming joysticks.
  • Music - I play cello and guitar and occasionally DJ & produce little snippets of electronic music.
  • Photography - See my work on Flickr. I occasionally dabble in panoramic and high dynamic range photography as well.
  • Physical Pursuits - including rock climbing, caving, backpacking, swimming, yoga, breakdancing, and Tae Kwon Do.