Step-by-Step Tutorial on adding StarCraft 1 units to your Starcraft 2 map

By danielrh

In this document I will give you step by step instructions on how to add Starcraft 1 units to any map you wish. The simple SC1vs module will load up all the required game logic to make the original units build.

This mod currently comes in two versions: one where a user must make the difficult choice about which technology path to go: StarCraft 1 or StarCraft 2, or another mode where a user gets all units from both eras. This tutorial will show both options.

Note: if your map uses the following units, the mod may not be suited to your map: Obelisk, Mercenary Compound, Hel's angel (fighter mode), Void Seeker, Admiral Urun or Terran House Small

To begin the process, startup the Starcraft II Editor. You will need to download the new 3D models for the Dragoon and Reaver along with their sound clips. To do this, go to the File|Open dialog and click the tab and search for SC1vsSC2 of type Mod by danielrh
Open the latest version

Click the modules menu and go to the Import option

Select everything in the list

Shift unselect each folder one by one

Right click on one of the selected files and click export. Have a directory prepared called modelonly

Select your prepared directory from the list and make sure you are exporting all 60 files

Go to File Open... and click or locate a map on your hard drive. This is where you can choose the map you wish to add the starcraft 1 units to. It can be any unlocked map that you own or that a friend made, or simply that you enjoyed playing

Go to the Dependencies... submenu in the File menu. From here it will list the dependencies that the map depends on. Usually it's just Liberty and Liberty Multi. If it says it depends on Liberty Story, I'm not sure if my mod will function, but you can let me know by sending me feedback.

Now that you know the mod is compatible, go ahead and add the Liberty Campaign dependency. We'll need that for the wraiths and so forth.

Now comes the point where we inject the original StarCraft unit behaviors and tech tree. Add an "other..." dependency, click and search for the same SC1vsSC2 made by danielrh.

Ok the list should look something like this now

Now that you've got the tech tree and unit stats, some of the models need appearances. Go back to the Modules menu and select Import again.

Select the modelonly folder you made before with all that rich content in it.

Now you should see a list of items that looks like this. Make sure there's a reaver and dragoon in the list, and make sure that you don't see any additional folders in there

So you're potentially almost done, depending on what you want to do

On the map you have right now, currently, the user will be presented a choice at the nexus/command center/hatchery about which tech tree to choose: SC1 or SC2. Once they select one, they are barred from the other. The computer AI automatically gets the SC2 research. If you want to allow users to explore both tech trees, you're going to need to continue with steps 15-23, otherwise you can skip to step 24

To adjust the SC1tech to live side-by-side with the SC2tech, we need to adjust the requirements that govern when they can be researched. Go to the modules menu then to data.
Look at the Data Type dropdown right under the disk icon and select Requirements.

Search for the "Learn SC1 Research" item, and verify that the top right modal icons (circled in red) are set as illustrated. Go ahead and remove the Use requirements.

Now we're going to need to only disallow it if it's already been researched. This means we have to get rid of the second term of the "Or". The only way to do that is to switch the "Or requirement node" over into a "Count Upgrade requirement node". If you simply remove the second term of the Or, the change will not be written to disk and your map will be either/or sc1 and sc2.

Choose the SC1Tech upgrade so it cannot be researched twice

Specify that it needs to be queued or better to be disallowed.

Lets repeat the steps for the SC2 research. Fortunately it does not have any Use requirements, but we will need to switch the Or into a Count

So go ahead and switch the or into Count Upgrades

Choose the SC2tech.
Set it to be queued or better.

Now we're at the step everyone's been waiting for. Save the file you've been working on to disk, so it can be published!

Publish that map. Start with it private so you can test it online with friends you have. But once you're ready, make that puppy public.

Go ahead and test the map. The big things to be looking for are the ability to research sc1 and sc2 tech at the nexus. The other thing to on the lookout for is dragoons and Reavers. If the art failed to import, then the Dragoons will come out looking like little white spheres. Instead they should look as depicted below

All right! Have fun publishing SC1 compatible maps. Definitely send me email with your maps based on this idea, and let me know if you're on the SEA or Europe servers if you want to help me publish my maps there.

Also you may want to automatically give the technology upgrades to players instead of making them research it at the Nexus. This can be done by adding triggers to your map.
First pull up the modules Triggers menu. Now add a new trigger.

Make a new event

Set it to happen on map initialization

Add an action

Set player upgrades

Choose the SC1 technology upgrade for player 1

Make a new action for SC2 technology

Actually select SC2 technology for player 1

There may be a way to have the trigger apply to all players (if you know, mail me). The other option is to add these two triggers for each of the 8-12 players you want to support
Hope that helps!