Doantam Phan's Projects

isis: an infovis system for investigating security (Dec. 05 - present) [web]

Papers: Graphics Interface 2007, VizSec 2007
Flow Maps (Mar. 04 - Dec. 05)
We worked on a method to generate flow maps automatically.

Paper: Infovis 2005
View Selection (Aug. 02 - Aug. 03)
I worked with Jeff Klingner and Pat Hanrahan on how to select nice views of objects.
Assembly Instructions (June. 02 - Present)
I helped out on a project which looked into how to create effective assembly instructions. I worked with Maneesh Agrawala, Julie Heiser, Jeff Klingner, John Haymaker, Pat Hanrahan, and Barbara Tversky.

Paper: Siggraph 2003, AVI 2004
Choplifter 3D (Nov. 01 - Dec. 01)
This was a game for the final project in CS 248 at Stanford. It was written in C using OpenGL and GLUT. It featured shadow mapping, 2D view frustum culling, and had a text-based terrain editor. I didn't create the model, but notice the self-shadowing from the blades onto the body.
Firewall (Sep. 00 - Dec. 00) [web]
This was a class project for CS 160 at Cal, with Eddie Leung, Corey Chandler, and Michael Toomim. It was a prototype of a touch-sensitive digital whiteboard command post for incident commanders to use when responding to a fire. We first interviewed firefighters from Berkeley. We then did low-fidelity prototyping with firefighters from Oakland. Finally, we conducted a user test with firefighters from El Cerrito.
Automatic Generation of Security Protocols (Jan. 00 - May. 00) [web]
My tool created implementations for automatically generated and verified security protocols. I worked with Dawn Song and Adrian Perrig.

Paper: CAV 2001

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