Class Collage

Collage does not impose any restriction on the size or shape of its members. Its policy regarding different type of feuilles is as follow:

Public type

class Parser: public XMLDocumentType::ElementParser
This class provide the interface needed to parse and XML Collage tag (see the description of the XML infrastructure for further detail).

Constructor and destructor

Collage(Mural32 new_x = 0, Mural32 new_y = 0,
	MuralU32 new_widht = DEFAULT_WIDTH,
	MuralU32 new_height = DEFAULT_HEIGHT,
	ObjectType new_type = TypeGraphic,
	const char *new_name = ""):

new_x, new_y provide the initial position for the feuille,
new_width, new_height
provide the initial width and height of a the feuille (160X120 by default),
new_type provide the type of the object being created
new_name provide an optional name.

Public methods

void write(NSL_File fp, NSL_Doctype doctype);
write is used to print this object to fp a XML file descripor as provided by the ltxml library. doctype is used a the reference document description.

Protected Methods


Public fields


Protected fields