Class Container

Containers provide the generic interface for adding and removing Feuille to conatiners like Collage and MilleFeuille. Container can be viewed as a stack on which new feuille can be pushed, removed, or retrieved given a tag. They also manage the dispatch of graphic and interaction events to the feuille they contained: graphics events traverse the stack from bottom to top, while interaction events traverse the stack from top to bottom.

Public type


Constructor and destructor

Container(Mural32 new_x = 0, Mural32 new_y = 0,
	  MuralU32 new_widht = DEFAULT_WIDTH,
	  MuralU32 new_height = DEFAULT_HEIGHT,
	  ObjectType new_type = TypeGraphic,
	  const char *new_name = ""):

new_x, new_y provide the initial position for the feuille,
new_width, new_height
provide the initial width and height of a the feuille (160X120 by default),
new_type provide the type of the object being created
new_name provide an optional name.

Public methods

virtual void add_feuille(GraphicPtr new_feuille);
virtual void add_feuille(InteractionPtr new_feuille);
virtual void add_feuille(DataPtr new_feuille);
virtual void add_feuille(ContainerPtr new_feuille);
virtual void add_feuille(VisualPtr new_feuille);
add_feuille add new_ feuille to the container. Conatiner can be viewed as stack on which a new feuille is pushed. Graphics events traverse the stack from bottom to top, while nteraction events traverse the stack from top to bottom.
virtual void remove_feuille(GraphicPtr new_feuille);
virtual void remove_feuille(InteractionPtr new_feuille);
virtual void remove_feuille(DataPtr new_feuille);
virtual void remove_feuille(ContainerPtr new_feuille);
virtual void remove_feuille(VisualPtr new_feuille);
remove_feuille remove a feuille from the container.
virtual void get_feuilles(Data::TypeTag target_type,
			  list<DataPtr> &result);
get_feuilles return in result all the feuilles which tag is target_type. Feuilles are added at the end of result which is not reset at the begening of the call. This call locks the object.

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