Class Graphic

Subclass of Graphic Feuille generate OpenGL calls upon call of their draw_action method. Note nothing prevent a Feuille to be inserted in several containers or for a given subtree to render on several mural at once (see the replicator demo). Attention must be taken when mural dependant resources (like textures and display lists) are used.

Public type


Constructor and destructor

Graphic(Mural32 new_x = 0, Mural32 new_y = 0,
	MuralU32 new_widht = DEFAULT_WIDTH,
	MuralU32 new_height = DEFAULT_HEIGHT,
	ObjectType new_type = TypeGraphic,
	const char *new_name = ""):

new_x, new_y provide the initial position for the feuille,
new_width, new_height
provide the initial width and height of a the feuille (160X120 by default),
new_type provide the type of the object being created
new_name provide an optional name.

Public methods

virtual void draw_action(Dispatcher::GraphicEvent *event) {};
draw_action will be called each time the graphic description of the feuille need to be regenerated (See the mural documentation for further details about the mural graphic infratructure). event describes the context of the call including which mural generated the request. See the description of the Dispatcher class for further details.

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