Class MilleFeuilleToolkit

The MilleFeuilleToolkit provide a set of service to ease the proper initialisation of the toolkit.

Public type


Constructor and destructor


Public methods

static void init(int &argc, char **argv);
init should be called before anyother functions in the library. It performs the initialization of the library. argc and argv are the command line arguments description as provided by main.
static CollagePtr open_mural(Mural *new_mural);
open_mural can be used to establish the first connection with a mural server. This call create a cursor and return a Collage that can be used as the root for a MilleFeuille hierarchy on that mural. new_mural is the mural to connect to.
static void intSigHandler(int)
intSigHandler is the default signal handler for the library.

Protected Methods


Public fields

static XMLDocumentTypePtr dtd;
dtd is the standard document type desciption used by the XML infrastructure to read XML description of MilleFeuille trees.
static IWorkPluginNode *iwork_node;
iwork_node is the IWork node used by the MilleFeuille toolkit to access the IWork infrastructure (see the IWork infrastructure documentation for further details.)

Protected fields