Class SimpleObject

This class manages the type, ID, and name of a MilleFeuille object.

Public type

enum ObjectType {TypeObject, TypeFeuille, TypeComponent, TypeGraphic,
                 TypeInteraction, TypeData, TypeVisual, TypeMilleFeuille,
                 TypeCollage, TypeContainer, TypeCursor, TypeActionBar,
                 TypeResizingTool, TypeMovingTool};
ObjectType is used to encode the different type of object in the system.
typedef void *ObjectID;
ObjectID are ID which uniquely identify a given object inside the toolkit.

Constructor and destructor

SimpleObject(const ObjectType type = TypeObject,
             const char *name = "");
type describe the type of the object being created,
name provide an optional name
virtual ~SimpleObject();

Public methods

inline ObjectID getID() {return(id);};
inline ObjectType get_type() {return(type);};
inline const char *get_name() {return(name);};
These methods provide access to the ID, type and name of the object repectively
void set_name(const char *new_name);
This method set the name of the an object. It is only safe to call this method from inside a constructor.
void write(NSL_File fp, NSL_Doctype doctype) {};
This method is used to print this object to fp a XML file descripor as provided by the ltxml library. doctype is used a the reference document description.

Public fields