MilleFeuille Toolkit

The MilleFeuille toolkit use the infrastructure to present to the user a new kind of interace well suited for the specific of the mural (high resolution, large format, multi-user, multi-input device), the envisioned applications. The toolkit will present to the user the conceptual model of a data centric architecture in which users manipulate piece of information (check Terry's comments) by applying tools to them, like a text editing tool or a anotation tools. The interface will rely on stylus based interaction tuned for close interaction but which do not exclude interaction from a distance. Since our target application are applications expert the interface will be designed for them. The design rely on the following principle inspired from Raskin work:

Raskin developped several system using this principle but thier scope what limited mostly to text. Here the same principles will be extended to a broader scope of information manipulation system. The interface itself will rely on the Action Bar unit and will explore how this ew interaction element can be composed to provide a fluid pointer interaction while limiting the visual clutter inherent to the interface.

The system will also leverage the separation between visualisation, interactions and graphics provided by MilleFeuille to provide service well adapted to the mural: