Global Illumination Test Scenes

Global Illumination Test Scenes

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The global illumination community has discussed having a database of scenes that could be used to compare and validate different global illumination algorithms. We present a set of test scenes for global illumination algorithms and propose that they be the beginning of such a database. These scenes are designed to be as simple as possible and still test a particular aspect of energy transport. The scenes are available on a web site in a variety of formats, along with images and pixel radiance data. We feel that the simplicity and availability of the models will make it easier for the community to use them, and that the field will benefit from a standard set of scenes.

Even though the test scenes are very simple they still contain modes of light transport that are not handled very well by most global illumination algorithms. For example one of the test scenes is made of three cubes arranged in such a way that all the visible light is indirect and even contains a caustics from a secondary light source. The fact that such a simple scene cannot be rendered efficiently with current global illumination algorithms show that there is still room for new research in this area.

Key words: Global Illumination, Test Scenes


Henrik Wann Jensen and Brian Smits: "Global Illumination Test Scenes". Abstract for Dagstuhl Seminar on Rendering, 2000

See the technical report for a description of the test scenes.