Night Rendering

Henrik Wann Jensen (Stanford University)
Simon Premoze (University of Utah)
Peter Shirley (University of Utah)
James A. Ferwerda (Cornell University)
Michael M. Stark (University of Utah)
William B. Thompson (University of Utah)


The issues of realistically rendering naturally illuminated scenes at night are examined. This requires accurate models for moonlight, night skylight, and starlight. In addition, several issues in tone reproduction are discussed: eliminatiing high frequency information invisible to scotopic (night vision) observers; representing the flare lines around stars; determining the dominant hue for the displayed image. The lighting and tone reproduction are shown on a variety of models.

Reference: Henrik Wann Jensen, Simon Premoze, Peter Shirley, William Thompson, Jim Ferwerda and Michael Stark: "Night Rendering". Tech. Rep. UUCS-00-016, Computer Science Department, University of Utah, August 2000

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