Stanford CS Teaching Assistant Survey

This form is no longer active.  It is posted here for reference only.

All fields are optional, but the more you fill out, the better feedback I can give the course staffing committee. The course number could potentially be identifying, but I will keep all individual responses confidential and not show the committee the raw survey results. If you have something to say but are not comfortable using this survey, you can send me an email (klingner@cs) or come by my office (room 396).
Which class did you TA? (please give the full course number, e.g. cs103b)
If you were a TA for more than one course, please fill this survey out once for each of them.
About how many students were in the class?
Students in this course had to do...
homeworks / problem sets  
significant project(s)  
light programming  
heavy programming  
a midterm or other non-final exam  
a final  
What was your appointment level?
How many total TAs were assigned to this course?
In your opinion, this course was...
way overstaffed

just right
way understaffed
How many hours per week was your average TA workload?
How many hours per week was your maximum TA workload?
What did your TA responsibilities include?
attend class  
meet regularly with course staff  
hold office hours  
lab hours (helping students in the lab)  
write homework/problem sets  
write homework/problem set solutions  
write exams  
pre-test exams  
grade homework/problem sets  
grade exams  
lead discussion section / review session  
give lecture  
prepare handouts  
write/manage class project(s)  
grade class project(s)  
answer email  
run course newsgroup  
run course webpage  
administer computer resources for students  
deal with academic dishonesty  
How well did your understanding of a TA's responsibilities and time commitment match with the prof's understanding
prof expected more

prof expected less
How often did you communicate with the prof?
How comfortable were you talking with the prof about your workload?
not at all            very

How well did the prof understand how much time each of your responsibilities took?
not at all            very well

What connection did you have with your prof outside of the course?
my advisor (or other close connection)  
in the same lab (or other moderate connection)  
no connection  
General comments about TAing in the CS department. What would you like the committee in charge of course staffing to know?
What's your sign?