Laureen Lam

Laureen Lam 

Laureen Lam

I graduated from the Computer Science department at Stanford with a Master's degree and a distinction in Research, advised by Pat Hanrahan. Scott Klemmer was also on my thesis committee.

Previously, I graduated summa cum laude from the Electrical Engineering department at SJSU.


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Research Interests and Current Projects



Using Text N-Grams for Model Suggestions in 3D Scenes

Laureen Lam, Sharon Lin, Pat Hanrahan
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2012, Technical Briefs
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Theory and Discussion of Amplification in Optical Fibers

Laureen Lam, Ken Haastrup
Selected Papers on Fiber Optics, SJSU Department of Electrical Engineering

Class Projects

Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews

I wrote a MaxEnt classifier in Java for sentiment analysis of movie reviews. It features both polarity classification and star rating determination based solely upon review text.
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