Lingfeng Yang


I am a Ph. D candidate at Stanford University, under the supervision of Dr. Pat Hanrahan. I work in computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and programming languages. I received my BS in mathematics and computer science from the California Institute of Technology. My email address is "l yang" (without the space or quotes) at cs dot, and is the best way to contact me. You may also find me in the Gates building #398 on the Stanford campus. With low probability.

Research Interests

As we move on from procedurally generating objects and designs with simple representations such as grammars for buildings and trees, the requirement for richer representations that capture much more complex objects in increasingly compact and usable forms increases, up to and beyond general-purpose programs. Yet, increasing the complexity of the representation tends to widen the cognitive gulf between the program and the resulting output, making them hard to use. Moreover, we introduce a computational gap as well. For instance, many design problems can become intractable when expressed as a system of constraints in a declarative programming language. I am concerned with developing tools and algorithms to address these issues.

CV / GitHub


Lingfeng Yang, Yi-Ting Yeh, Noah D. Goodman, and Pat Hanrahan. Incrementalizing MCMC in Probabilistic Programs through Tracing and Slicing. [PDF]

Jerry O. Talton, Lingfeng Yang, Ranjitha Kumar, Maxine Lim, Noah D. Goodman, and Radomír Měch. Learning Design Patterns with Bayesian Grammar Induction. In proceedings of UIST 2012. Best paper nominee. [PDF]

Yi-Ting Yeh, Lingfeng Yang, Matthew Watson, Noah D. Goodman, and Pat Hanrahan. Synthesizing Open Worlds with Constraints using Locally Annealed Reversible Jump MCMC. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2012, presented at SIGGRAPH 2012. [PDF]

Yi-Ting Yeh, Katherine Breeden, Lingfeng Yang, Matthew Fisher, and Pat Hanrahan. Synthesis of Tiled Patterns using Factor Graphs. ACM Transactions on Graphics, to be presented SIGGRAPH 2013. [PDF]

Lingfeng Yang. Modeling Player Performance In Rhythm Games. ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 Sketches. [PDF]

Jerry O. Talton, Daniel Gibson, Lingfeng Yang, Pat Hanrahan, and Vladlen Koltun. Exploratory Modeling with Collaborative Design Spaces. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia 2009. [PDF]