CS248 Assignment 2: video effects system

Matt Ginzton

Here is my version of the teapot movie.  It was created using the plugin pipeline on the left.  It uses just the basic Matte Extraction, Translate, Magnify, Blur and Compose (Over) filters. 

Here is my original movie.  In addition to the required plugins, it demonstrates Rotate, Twirl, and Darken filters.

The making of this movie was complicated by the fact that Compose filters must operate on one image from the pipeline plus one image loaded into that frame, so only one of its operands can have other filters applied.  Plus, certain filters (anything that needs to ask the user for input) can only be used once per movie because they store their parameter in a global which will be the same if you try to use another instance of the filter.  So I wanted to make several intermediate movies and compose them together.  But this isn't quite possible because alpha isn't saved with a movie, so you have to matte-extract in the pipeline before composing, which brings us back full circle - you can't make a bunch of little elements and composite them all together.  But you can save a background movie and keep making new movies each with one new element composited in.  Which is how I made the movie of Nice, the teapot, and a ghostly Lucas... all the pipelines I used for intermediate movies are at the right.

Matt Ginzton / magi@cs.stanford.edu