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Model Ingredients: Real Ingredients:

Everywhere that there's a cable tie there will be two bolts. Need to drill holes into metal pipes. Don't need to cut metal pipes. Need to drill holes into plates. Need to machine/cut plates.

Possibly guy wires X on top. Possibly guy wires tesselating triangles, at least 4 central ones. 340lb test steel wire $.21/foot. Terminators $1 each. Turnbuckles ?? each.

Also need 6' rebar, bent over into U with two 3' sections. U goes over conduit. Dunno how many yet. Also dunno about guying 4 corner poles.

Final height at roof of truncated square pyramid is 7.07', height of sloping sides is 8.6'. Roof is 10'x10', total footprint is 20'x20'.

Tamara Munzner
Last modified: Fri Aug 6 18:07:06 PDT 1999