Mount Hamilton 2003

The fourth annual Marcin's Birthday Ride Up Mount Hamilton took place on April 20, 2003. We again had a good turnout: Marcin, Kostadis, James, Marc, Bennett, and myself. For the first time in two years, Daniel was absent due to an unidentified knee injury.

Getting ready for the ride at the convenient new parking lot at the base of the climb. Looks like the locals got tired of cyclists parking in their front yards and set up this nice gravel patch.

James, as usual, is pondering the route ahead.

Nice paceline. If only we were going fast enough to draft...

Marcin is enjoying the ride.

Note to self: when saying "Regroup at Joe Grant", one should specify which of the two parking lots to stop at. James and Marcin went to the main park lot, while the rest of us stopped at the small lot on the left of the road. Lots of confusion followed with various people riding up and down the road looking for each other. Here, Kostadis and Marcin are finally reunited at the correct (left) parking lot.

Marcin and Kostadis coming down the descent to the bridge.

Kostadis on the final switchback before the top.

Kostadis showing a strong finish.

Bennett and Kostadis resting at the top. Kostadis is still in a GU-induced haze.

Marcin and James on the final switchback.

Marcin: "You know, my parents are probably just sitting down for a nice Easter dinner..."

Obligatory picture on the top. It's not clear if James approves of this.

These poppies near the fire station were a very nice color.

Most of the day was overcast, but the clouds finally open up for a view of the observatory from Joe Grant.

The last climb is still very annoying.

Birthday boy.
Next year will mark the fifth anniversary of the ride. I think we should make tshirts. Design ideas are welcome.
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