Thursday Night Dinners

Permanent Members

  • Dr. Afra Zomorodian (founder and Messiah)
  • Daniel Russel (master of reviews)
  • Niloy Mitra (master of reservations)
  • Natasha Gelfand (Grand Vizier and webmaster)
  • Erika Chuang
  • Dr. James Davis
  • Dr. Bradley Johanson
  • Kostadis Roussos
Recent Visitors (Older visitors)
  • Danny Yang
  • Maryam Zomorodian
  • Parvin Zomorodian
  • Jason Lango
  • Jane Lui
  • Qing Fang
  • Tina and Jim Allen
  • Priscilla Russel
  • Dr. Sergei Gelfand
  • Peter HommelHoff
  • Ben Lev

Afra, our leader.

Francois, our mascot.
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Significant Others

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Email list: tnd at cs dot stanford dot edu

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More of Brad's photos from the dinners are here.

Latest dinners

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TND Resources

Future Restaurants
Compiled from suggestions by permamnent members.

Members' Birthdays
Protocol for celebrating a member's birthday will be established at future meetings.

Members' Personality types

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Previous visitors (more recent at top left)
  • Thomas Lai
  • Denise Lin
  • An Nguyen
  • Mark Pauly
  • Prof. Menelaos Karavelas
  • Tyler
  • Alexandra Roussos
  • Dr. Anne Collins
  • Thomas
  • Ada Glucksman
  • Kekoa Proudfoot
  • Dr. Jason Fan
  • Prof. Leo Guibas
  • Ren Ng
  • Rus Belikov
  • Giles Hooker
  • Prof. Gunter Rote
  • Dr. Brad Johanson (upgraded to permanent member)
  • Dr. Cindy Chen
  • Prof. Ileana Streinu
  • Stephanie Stoan
  • Serkan Apaydin
  • Francois-Marie Lefevere (mascot and permanent member emeritus)