CURIS 2002

Poster Session

Kurt, Jason, Jon, and the David Jon shows off his poster ...Jason too
...and Tricia Leslie and Natasha don't have posters Kurt deeply engaged in his presentation

Big Basin Hike

And it wasn't even a Death March!
Spot the difference between this picture ..and this one. The sign reads "Berry Creek Falls, 6 hours round trip. Strenuous hike." The group admires a big hole in the redwood
Taking a break Berry Creek Falls
Banana slug. Francois was very fascinated by it. Mandatory group photo. Front row: Leslie, Marc, Tricia. Back row: Jon, David, Francois, Kurt, Kurt's friend, Jason, Natasha Having run out of food, the group was forced to eat hardtack on the return trip. Cutting hardtack is hard work.
Eating hardtack is hard work too!