Small picture album

Most of my pictures live on my smugmug website. This page contains a periodically updated set of pictures I particularly like, with new ones added at the top.


Gathering storm over Lake Tahoe.


1. Lots of rain in the winter of 2005 turned Death Valley into Death Lake (actually the lake is called Lake Manly). People were kayaking on it. It was weird. 2. Dimitris's tent in Eureka valley. 3. Eureka dunes at sunrise. 4. Wildflowers at Ashford Mill. 5. Eureka valley. More pictures from this trip are here.

My favourite pictures from India. 1. Hikers in the fog in the Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu. 2. A kid going to school, Bangalore. 3. Jama Masjid after Friday prayers, Delhi. 4. A surprised langur, Nandi Hills, Karnataka. 5. Himalayan foothils, near Mussoorie, Uttaranchal. There are many more here and even more here.


Some of the practice pictures with the new Canon 75-300 IS lens. This great blue heron was highly cooperative (as opposed to the egrets that were also around). More telephoto pictures here.

Natasha on Great Roof
I am trying to climb into the cave on the Great Roof climb at Goat Rock. This was taken a few seconds before I peeled off and took a nice swing on the rope. More pictures from this climbing trip are here.

Niloy trying to save his camera  Mark chased by a wave

In late February 2004, a strong Pacific storm brought 30 foot waves to the coast. Naturally, we drove over to take a look. Some crazy people even decided to get into the frigid water. In the first picture, Niloy is trying to save his camera from an unexpectedly large wave. In the second picture, another large wave is chasing Mark. The rest of the pictures from tris trip are here.


Sliding rock  Kostadis on the Racetrack  Nomadic Kostadis

Some pictures from Death Valley National Park. The first two are taken at the Devil's Racetrack, where rocks leave sliding marks on the wet playa after a rain. The third picture is taken at Eureka Dunes at sunrise. More pictures from this trip are here.

Dave falling of the raft

Whitewater rafting is such fun. Unless you fall out of the boat. On our first trip in August 2002, we ran the  South Fork of American River. At one of the Class III rapids, Dave went for an unplanned swim. We all laughed very hard, especially since a photographer was stationed at this rapid, capturing the entire ordeal (here). However, the following year Jane and I got a taste of the same medicine, as we went, sans raft, through two Class IV rapids on the Middle Fork (Jane's pictures).