Natasha (the other one) and Anton's Wedding Photos

August 3, 2002
Moscow, Russia

Dear friends and relatives,
I have more wedding pictures that I did not put here in the interests of conserving space and making the page faster to load. I will put the full set onto a CD and send it to Natasha and Anton. They have a CD burner so they can make copies for you.

Anton paying for his bride

    First try with money...
    The candy finally did it.

Waiting to get married

Everyone looks very serious!


After the ceremony

  Letting the relatives know that the deed is done.
  Getting photographed
    Please stand like this, now...

Amusements at the reception

  "Posadil ded repku..."
    Drinking contest.
  Splitting up the family tasks.
    Mummy wrapping contest.
    The newlyweds were highly entertained.
      Paying off and evicting the fake bride and groom.
    Cutting the wedding cake.
  It is very important to feed the photographer.

Everyone dances!

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