Research Topics in Graphics and Multimedia, Spring 2000

Ken Perlin
CS Dept., Stanford University
(just visiting)


This will be a projects class. You will have a lot of flexibility as to how you contribute to this class - mostly I'll be looking for you to do a creative and fun project in the roughly two months we have.

I expect that most of student projects will grow out of the topics we discuss in class, which are outlined fairly well on my NYU home page.

Right now it is important for you to email to me descriptions (if you haven't already) of where you think you would like to focus from among the categories of topics we went over in the first week.

Schedule (tentative):

Week of Monday, April 3

First Intro week.

Monday: Overview of the next hundred years; The Prosthetic Web and the Immersive Holodeck. Implications for the next ten years. Projects to do in the next two months.

Wednesday: Ken's web page, part 1; Hypertexture, Improv, BodyGuy, Interactive facial animation, Zooming whiteboard.

Week of Monday, April 10

Second Intro week.

Monday: Ken's web page, part 2; Autostereoscopic displays, Foveated ultra-high resolution displays, Robots. Interactive puzzles.

Wednesday: We all go over your project proposals.

Week of Monday, April 17

Guest lectures by Chris Bregler and Aaron Hertzmann.
Week of Monday, April 24

Zooming whiteboards.
Week of Monday, May 1

Authoring tools for interactive animation
Week of Monday, May 8

Research topics in procedural texturing.

Monday: Real time noise in detail

Wednesday: Pie in the sky - the future of procedural texturing

Week of Monday, May 15

Autostereoscopic and ultra-hi resolution displays.
Week of Monday, May 22

Zooming web interfaces for Cel phones and PDAs.
Week of Monday, May 29

Puzzle and diversions.