Grabber-Holder Dynamics

What is this course about?

This is a brand new course only floated in Stanford University.
A great way to make great friends!
Makes you able to explain anything in life. Think about something happens anywhere, anytime, in any way and with anybody and you know the reason behind it! Looks like magic, actually it is.

Things I learnt in the course:
   --  Deep conversation is necessary in life.
   --  When you meet somebody first time you should start conversation with asking about his sister or daughter. Why so? again Grabber and holder dynamics.
   --  Some people are very kind.
   --  If you don't have blue card you shouldn't be in Stanford.
   --  One can have a [useful] meetings for  more than 10 hours.
   --  Who are the Big5. In india it is called "Pandvas".
   --  What is Kaaza.     It is just "Kauravas".
   --  Who wins the game "Pandvas".
   --  Then what is GH dynamics - "Mahabharat"
Students [Pandvas]:

[Yudhisthir] Susumu     :  A great leader.....
[Arjun]       Ting-chen  :  An intelligent and hardworking too...! A person who don't have glasses. Why because Pandvas don't wear glasses.
[Bheem]     Karthik     :   Cool person!
[Nakul ]     Yin-Lu     :    Smart person
[Sahdev]    Pramod    :    lazy person.

Excercise:  Following pictures are few examples of GH class? Can you figure out the students from the following pictures.