CS348c Project Proposal

Szymon Rusinkiewicz

My project will be to implement tools for efficiently compressing and decompressing BRDFs. I will attempt to store a variety of synthetic BRDFs, including those generated from anisotropic and realistic physically-based models. The main work will be on developing a new representation, with the following characteristics:

The representation will likely be wavelet-based, though I do not anticipate using the spherical wavelet formulation of Sweldens and Schröder. Other possible components of the representation are:

The code written for the project will include the BRDF compression/decompression libraries, together with some sort of interactive BRDF browser, and either a (very) simple renderer or an interface to Toro.

Code Written so Far

bv is a BRDF viewer/browser. No documentation yet.

bv -h lists available BRDFs.

Note: please see http://www-graphics.stanford.edu/~smr/brdf/bv for the current version of bv. --- SMR 9/10/97