Hey folks!

One year ago I signed up to the the Big Kahuna half-ironman triathlon with Team-In-Training (aka TNT). I raised some money for charity, got into shape, and had such a good time that I signed up to mentor for the Wildflower Triathlon season this winter. I made some great new friends, helped raise money for charity again, and uh, sort of trained. Then I showed up at Wildflower and got my butt *kicked* on a hilly course in 102 degree heat! Aighhh!!! My advice is never let that happen to you! I ran (or walked) the thing in 8:03, or something like that, and was so dehydrated I hurled afterwards. I wasn't too bad compared to many others who had to get IV's to rehydrate. It was a tough day, but hey, it's all for a good cause, and it's definitely motivated me to work out harder. And in cooler weather. ;)

To all of you who supported me in the summer season last year for Big Kahuna,, thanks tons! That even went really well. I went just under 6:30, instead of the eight hours at Wildflower, and I felt strong at the end. I'm taking the summer off from TNT but am signed up to do Big Kahuna again. I'm hooked on these triathlons.

One last note: a happy benefit of my TNT experience was meeting Liz Elliott, a superb swim coach! She helped a lot of us get into tip-top swimming form for the triathlon. No surprise, that's her job! She's co-owner of the Happy Fish Swim School in Fremont, CA. Follow the link to check out their new facility. Pretty cool stuff.